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We offer for sale puppies from foreign Exclusive coverage CEôTE de Lusan 0/0 x GERA Horla Slovakia 1/1. The new owners are waiting 4 males and 2 female Beauceron breed with pedigree, microchipped and health treatment. Puppies are great and fearless nature is already a great show inflammation in di ... fferent activities,for retrieving balls with a strong bite. Parents of puppies are Champion SK, Junior Champion of Slovakia, Fena of SBK - 2009 Junior and primus and have a character test 100 points. In France, a father always got what Excellent is the highest rating for National Elevage. This breed is very intelligent, balanced, and social,but non-aggressive dogs are But you know the family and watch over their territory, are not prone to disease, have a short coat and therefore are easy to care and can be outdoors year round. They love children and are preferably in the company. Beauceron is used in all areas of sports or work. It belongs to FCI Group 1 herding breeds. This breed is in its home country France used mainly in the police force, but also as a family companion. Advice and maintain contacts with the new owners of our puppies is guaranteed. If interested, please contact us: email: gera.beauce@gmail.com, atiffag@azet.sk web: www.gera-beauceron.wbl.sk The agreement is possible. Slovakia

Prix:700 €


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lien WWW:http://www.gera-beauceron.wbl.sk

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