Irish wolfhound

10/31/17 22:54:34 | OFFRES | Chiens
Very nice black, purebred Irish Wolfhounds puppies from a promising litter for sale. The puppies were born on 01.10.2017. Our puppies grow in the family in the house and garden. The puppies are inspected by the breeders of the association, receive an export pedigree issued by the CMKU. They are va ... ccinated, chipped, multiply dewormed and have the international EU-Pasport We are looking for a dog lover and connoisseur of this breed. You can also look at the puppies beforehand and make a reservation. Pick-up from 04.12.2017 If you have any questions just send e-mail

Prix:1 000 €


Numéro de l´annonce:791607

Eva Koubová
+420 775598431
+420 420

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