Staffordshire Bull Terrier

11/13/17 14:04:33 | OFFRES | Chiens
Puppies is in Czech republic. Photos on the Web. Puppies with pedigree after excellent parents (kennel Impossant Bohemia). For sale is the three males and one female. Ideal for children, the apartment and the garden, agility and many other activities. Purchase agreement, chiped (EU passport), dewor ... med, vaccinated, rearing in the family circle. Tentative visit always welcome. Pick up from 01.12.2017 and from 06.12.2017. Price by e-mail or telephone, SMS not answered. Possibility of reservation also the planned litters. Address: Jiráskova 166, 33203 Štáhlavy, Czech Republic. Shipping and Handling: Price depends on country of delivery. We do not accept PayPal payments.

Prix:1 200 €


Numéro de l´annonce:791661

lien WWW:http://www.impossant.cz/stenata_cz.html

Impossant Bohemia
+420 733728577
Téléphone 2:
+420 775373710

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