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12/27/17 18:34:06 | OFFRES | Chiens
Khon suay – kennel of this unique breed is accepting reservations for puppies – litter “A“ 9 puppies were born after a top parents – father (multi champion, world winner) and parents of mother (junior champion SK, CAC, CACIB, BOB) are imported from Thailand. Both parents are silver - blue color s ... upervelvet coat. Natural breed – 400 years without crossbreeding with other breeds – known for high inteligence, atletic build, and very short smooth coat without undercoat which is otherwise the source of smell. The ridge on the top region is formed by the hair growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. No smell, no hair around the house, liking warmth and loyalty to the family predestined life of these dogs inside with their owners. At the moment only 1 female and 5 males are available. They will be ready for a new home in mid-February.

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Numéro de l´annonce:791957

lien WWW:http://www.khonsuay.sk

Stanislav Mečiar
+421 908525600

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