very promising puppy!

03/15/12 18:20:38 | OFFRES | Chiens
Date of Birth - January 21, 2012. type of coat - Short (Paperback) color - the tricolor (black and tan) Teeth 6x6 (scissors), the testes in the set - 2. Very nice body, nice head right, wide backbone, a perfect tail, paws right Postavy. A wonderful character - a very gentle, affectionate, playf ... ul boy. Dad (INT - pass clearance) - KOMEL AUGUST ASTOR from nursery UGNIES ŽENKLAS http://www.veislynas.lt/?kalba=RU (LT JCH-CH, SLO CH, LT Cl.JW '09, 3xJW, BY CAC, 2xSLO CAC, 2xCRO CAC, CRO R.CAC, A R.CAC, 7xLT CAC, 3xCACIB, LT W'2010, BY W, 2xSLO W, CRO W, 3xLT W, 6xBOB, BIG-4). reference to the pedigree in pictures - http://ingrus.net/chihuahua/details.php?id=2416 Mom - Milaya Mila Kochukova breeder Ekaterina (Belarus) (http://ingrus.net/chihuahua/details.php?id=10584) The price of the puppy includes delivery within Poland (the conditions are discussed separately.) The puppy will have - pedigree, passport, vaccinations, brand, chip. Parents do not have a dog genetic diseases. The puppy is located in Belarus. Speak Russian, some English. Write on the i-mail - send more photos.

Prix:1 200 €


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